iTPM: Integrated Trade Promotion Management Built for NetSuite.

iTPM extends NetSuite with two key modules for Consumer Goods Companies:

  • Deduction management specifically designed for the unique challenges of Consumer Goods companies.
  • Promotion Planning to manage manufacturer charge-backs (MCBs), scan events, discounts and allowances for direct and indirect customers.

Trade Funds Management inside NetSuite

  • A better way to manage deductions for CG companies.
  • Track and manage trade promotions from start to finish.
  • Improve promotion planning collaboration and accuracy.
  • Always know your net trade promotion bill-back liability.
  • Option to apply off-invoice allowances to sales orders.
  • Save time with a better way to manage short-pays.
  • Gain promotion visibility, accountability, and financial controls.
  • Experience the advantages of a Native SuiteApp.

Trade Promotion Management Best- Practices Consulting for the CG Industry.


Benchmark your TPM processes with Industry best-practices.

Results:  Document what you do well, and where you can improve.


Audit your trade promotion practices and transactional data.

Results:  Identify and recover or reinvest invalid and misused funds.


Learn how to get more from your existing TPM/TPO solutions.

Results: Improve trade promotion effectiveness and efficiency.